Diesel Dipper

Cleans the FLOOR of your tank BELOW the fuel suction.

The Diesel Dipper® sucks from the VERY BOTTOM of the tank. Years of accumulated water and sludge are sucked up with a 12v pump into the Dipper where it is simply drained off before returning the clean fuel back to the tank through a 40 micron washable stainless steel filter.

The Dipper is a "ByPass System" independent of the engine, it transfers the contents from the bottom of your large diesel tank into a small tank where they are removed. The Diesel Dipper system is separate to your engine and it scours the bottom of your tank leaving it free from diesel contaminants.

Made in the UK

Diesel Dipper® is a fixed diesel fuel water/sludge separator.

Schematic diagram of how the fuel in your tank is cleaned.


Cleaning - What Happens!

The diesel dipper is connected to the drain plug, a simple fitting attached to the top of your tank that allows the draw pipe to be pushed through to the bottom of the tank. From here we use a 12V pump to such up the fuel into the Dipper  where the nasties are removed through a 40 micron washable stainless steel filter. 

Diesel Dipper

Diesel Dipper


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Installation Guide - Diesel Dipper