Our market research Has found over 30% of Diesel Equipment have experienced fuel related Issues such as diesel bug etc.

The cost of solving this problem can be immense.


Clean Fuel should be the mantra of every diesel-engine owner. Diesel has changed and producers are under pressure to produce fuel with lower sulphur content to lower emissions control standards. 

The injector is at the forefront of this change.  The injectors in a diesel engine are extremely delicate, working to minute tolerances, often just a few microns. For comparison, a human hair is almost 50 times bigger at typically 100 microns. With this in mind, it’s easy to see that even microscopic specks of dirt or water can ruin injectors and ultimately your bank account.

Why water is bad news

Water in fuel is equally bad news. It can rust internal parts if the engine is idle for extended periods and although rare, it can become superheated through the combustion process and explode - blowing the heads off the injectors. Finally, it is the breeding ground of the microbial infection, diesel-bug, which is becoming more prevalent with diminishing sulphur levels.


Stage 1

The heart of the system is the Marine Fuel Purifier (MFP), already established as the best dewatering system available. It has been made fully automatic and portable. Fuel is taken from the bottom of the tank and returned to the top, any free water present is automatically discharged into a container.


Stage 2

Having dewatered the fuel, stage 2 polishes the fuel to 2 microns and can also be fitted with an absorption filter to remove emulsified water. Complete with suction strainer & optional flow meter. Polishes up to 12 liters per minute. Available in 12 volts and can clean over 1000 litres before requiring external power supply.

Diesel Duck to clean your fuel!

A must for any Marina - a compact mobile unit that can be carried to any boat for cleaning diesel fuel.

  • Fully Portable

  • Light Weight

  • Removes Emulsified Water

  • 12 Volt 12 Litres Per Minute Pump - Removes Contaminants to 2 Micron

  • Up to 1 Hour Continuous Battery operation

  • Simple to use quick release couplings

  • Can be used On-Board without an external power supply.