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Gone are the days of filling up your tank and forgetting about it!

Fuel quality deteriorates faster than you think!

Our Diesel Aid range of additives are aimed at addressing specific fuel problems. 

Lower sulphur diesel causes a range of problems - be it for the leisure user, work boat or commercial charter.

From January 1st 2015 ships trading in designated emission control areas have had to use fuel with a sulphur content no greater than 0.01%. Considering the issues the marine industry has experienced at 1.00% level, clearly this reduced level of 0.01% is going to create even more problems.

Fuel contamination is an increasingly common case of engine breakdowns, particularly in the marine industry. This microbial growth which is a cocktail of bacteria, yeasts and moulds know as Diesel Bug creates a slime in your fuel tank and when disturbed blocks fuel filters and disrupts fuel lines. Symptoms include poor starting, fuel starvation, erratic running and black smoke from the exhaust.



Diesel Bugs live in water. Get rid of the water and the bugs have nowhere to live. The Marine Fuel Purifier's primary objective is to remove water, although it also removes solids down to 10 micron. It requires NO filters and NO electrics and is guaranteed for 5 years as there are NO moving parts.


Lack of Lubricity - Increased Deposits - Contaminants

Fuel Treatments, Polishes and Maintenance Products

Marine 16 provides the most effective fuel treatment on the market today. Our speciality is preventing or curing the so-called diesel bug.

Our Diesel Fuel Complete is unique in the market place, giving the complete additives range required to ensure that your fuel is suitable for the way we run our boats in the marine environment. 

If you are suffering from the headache of constantly changing blocked filters, then be assured, you are not the only one.  As many of you tell us, more fishermen and boat owners across all sectors, including yachts, are reporting an increase in blocked filters.

The cause is simple to pinpoint and simple to solve.  The main culprit is the ‘Diesel Bug’.  This is the collective name for the bacteria, yeasts and moulds that the fuel absorbs from the air.  The bugs attach themselves to the water droplets found in the fuel and sink to the bottom of the tank where they feed from the diesel above.  They double in number every 20 minutes - yes, every 20 minutes - living for just 18 hours while they secrete waste before dying.  It is the combination of this waste and dead bugs which cause the sludge that is blocking your filters.

One of the things you are probably now asking is how has water found its way into my fuel tank?  It gets there through condensation, absorption and can even be present when you purchased it. 

Whichever way water has found its way into your tank, the only way to ensure peace of mind is to remove the water from the fuel. 

Diesel Bug Treatment

Diesel Bug Treatment is exactly what the product says. Our diesel bug treatment is a biocide blend, formulated especially for preventing or eradicating the fuel spoilage organisms known collectively as "Diesel Bug".

A 100ml bottle is sufficient to prevent diesel bug growth in 2000 litres of fuel. For serious contamination, addition rates of 100ml to 100 litres may be required. Very rarely, over 15 years history of Diesel Aid, has a tank had to be cleaned out. For severe contamination, several doses may be required to break up and remove the biological sludge that forms. Our diesel bug treatment disperses into both the water and fuel phases in your tank and will remain sufficiently active for over a year at both high and low temperatures. 

Watch these videos.

These videos are courtesy of world leading chemical company "Lubrizol". They demonstrate the effects low-sulphur diesel has on your engine and how additives can help to control these effects, so preventing additional wear and tear on your engine. 

Deposits on fuel injectors can cause significant losses in performance in diesel engines, especially in more modern engines with high pressure common rail injection systems. Conventional nozzle tip deposits accumulate in and around the injector spray holes that direct fuel into the cylinder in preparation for combustion.

With the move to ultra low sulpher diesel, in both on and off-highway diesel vehicles in recent years, polar components in the diesel fuel that provided natural lubricity to diesel engines have been removed in the process. With this lack of natural lubricity, diesel fuel pumps and injectors can see premature wear, affecting engine performance in the process.

As the piston rises in a diesel engine, air is compressed to very high pressures, which also generates temperatures capable of igniting diesel fuel. Therefore, combustion timing is controlled when the diesel fuel is injected into the combustion chamber. In reality, the combustion does not start instantaneously.

Marine 16 is the fastest acting treatment of Diesel Bug and has additional benefits of improvement in filterability.
— Practical Boat Owner UK, Diesel Bug the Ultimate Test

What Has Been Achieved

Marine 16 products are proudly made in the UK using only quality ingredients and materials.

Diesel Aid Treatment is the fuel treatment of choice for the following:

  • English RNLI
  • The Royal Marines
  • Sea Start
  • River Canal Rescue
  • MTU - Listed as an approved biocide.
  • As well as being number 1 in the Practical Boat Owner magazine review, a worldwide publication.