Diesel Bug, Dirty Injectors, Contaminated Diesel Fuel

 Our Marine products will save you

 $$$ in Diesel Repairs, Diesel Fuel Bills or Marina Installations.


Flow Marine represent premium quality manufacturers and suppliers and as such we are proud to be the Australian distributor for Marship UK and Potona Marine.

When fuel sits for long periods, chemical reactions have plenty of time to break the fuel down.  The fuel gets exposed to oxygen and water, the heat from the environment provides the energy, a few unstable molecules form and they react with healthy fuel. We are dedicated to ensuring your Fuel, Engine and Marina have access to best possible solutions for you and your customers. 

Leaving your tanks half full or living/traveling in the tropics can promote fuel problems. We have access to accredited "Technical Support" and Organisations. People who can answer your questions and solve your problems.



Marship UK and Potona

Represent Knowledge, Products and Expertise globally.



Cruising community

We are passionate about the Environment and the effect "Fuel & Oil" have on our oceans. We believe by partnering with the best manufacturers in the world and educating the ever expanding Cruising community to how these products can save them time in research and more importantly MONEY... while keeping our water home clean.

Our UK partner - Marship UK is a member of British Marine & Superyacht UK. Working with other premium manufacturers, boat builders and designer to bring to the industry the best Quality UK products.