Cleaning Products

Cleaning your yacht in an environmentally responsible manner is not an option, but a MUST, if we all want to enjoy our waterways for years to come!

Marine 16 has created a range of safe and suitable products - effective biological cleaners containing friendly bacteria.

Suitable for GRP, painted surfaces and stainless steel to make cleaning quick and easy! 


Marine 16 - Biological Range

A biological cleaner cleans in the same way as a solvent cleaner but also utilises the additional effects of friendly bacteria. These friendly bacteria effectively break down the proteins, starches and fats found in dirt and stains, speeding up the removal of dirt/grime/stains etc. Biological detergents are therefore more effective at removing stains.

Our range of biological cleaners have been developed with the environment in mind and conform to the latest legislation in cleaning in the UK, meaning that they do not harm valuable aquatic life and are safe to use and dispose of in our oceans.

We also have polishes that have been designed for ease of use in cooler or hot weather climates, that is they can be used in the wet or in the baking sun. The polishes are single application, so cut and polish in one pass, saving time and money.


A short list of products available

Complete Boat Wash

Sail Cleaner

Multi Purpose Cleaner

Odour Remover