Why Install a Diesel Dipper!

Why! is a very good question.

At sometime in your travels you will come across a discussion about "Bad Diesel Fuel" and among the cruising fraternity you are sure to come across  a mountain of different theories and products that are sure to solve your problem. Usually while enjoying a glass or two of a liquid beverage.

Of course contaminated fuel can cause many problems and the last thing you want to happen while enjoying the boating lifestyle is having to sort out Fuel Problems. Apart from the $$$cost, it is time wasted having to drain your fuel tank (throwing away precious diesel fuel you paid for is not always palatable!). 

When fuel sits for long periods, chemical reactions take place and over this time and the breakdown of your diesel fuel occurs. This fuel becomes exposed to oxygen and water, then heat from the environment provides the energy and  Presto... Diesel bugs starts to invade your tank! 

"The Diesel Dipper primary objective is to remove water and sludge from the very bottom ensuring the tank floor is kept clean at all times".

Our Diesel Dipper is engineered and manufactured in England from the best quality materials. Developed to remove Water, Sludge and Diesel Bug from your fuel tanks. These contaminants cause multiple problems, the Dipper is a "By Pass System" that transfer these contaminates from the bottom of your large tank to a small tank where they are removed.

Easily installed buy anyone with DIY skills it comes with Installation Instructions and can be shipped to most parts of the Globe.

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Diesel Dipper

Made in England and well regarded in the boating community. Marship now have an alternative to the popular "Diesel Duck".  Introducing the "Diesel Dipper" an onboard system for keeping your diesel fuel free from "Diesel Bug".

How it works...

Fuel cleaning system the "Diesel Dipper" by Marship UK

Fuel cleaning system the "Diesel Dipper" by Marship UK

We are happy to discuss the Diesel Dipper and how it can help you with any fuel problems you might be encountering.